Rev.Sr.Sheela, FSPM


  • Headmistress (Pre-Primary) Message 

We are happy to see the Students back in the School after Covid.

Students are the future leaders of the country.  Therefore, it is important for us to develop a high level of social skills in them.  A conducive Classroom atmosphere helps in creating social skills.

Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam, our former President, once said, “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.”  Every student in the classroom should get every the opportunity to acquire some knowledge.

Dear students, you are the pillars of our country. Whether you are on the first bench or the last bench doesn’t matter. But your life should be a benchmark for others.

Parents are playing an important role in students’ life and education. We can see a lot of difference between the students during Pre-Covid and Post-Covid in all aspects.

Online mode of education is mostly Onaway. But the offline mode, where in the students and teachers are face to face, is more interactive. Presently, we notice changes in the development of science and technology. However, some parents complain that all the students are familiar with operating the mobile.  Therefore, in the post-covid times, the children got addicted to Mobile. It is important for parents to keenly observe the behaviour of their children and take urgent corrective measures when needed.

Dear Students and Parents,                         

Life itself is Education. Bookish knowledge and high grades might guarantee a better future. However, a life based on good values and principles makes a person great. Therefore, while concentrating on acquiring knowledge, we must not forget to focus on learning good values and principles of life as well.

                                           Thank you

Headmistress (Pre-Primary) – SNS